Measure for measure

Veteran Broadcaster Alistair Stewart resigned earlier this year, following a spat with former political advisor and spokesman for the Institution of Civil Engineers, Martin Shapland, on Twitter. After 40 years in the business, Stewart’s career came to a sorry conclusion.

A gap year at home, where I actually did 'find myself'

I always knew it was writing I wanted to do. As a kid I always had my head in a book and I thought this is what I want to do; the idea that I could write whatever I want, any story that came to mind and I could actually be paid for it seemed too good to be true. When I was younger I always wrote stories, consisting of about 5 or 6 pages so of course I had no idea that being an author was not as simple as coming up with something on the spot, any kind of plot, random characters and any ending I want.


Hip-hop and R&B artist Beyoncé Knowles Carter has once again set unpreceded records by making history at the Coachella music and art festival.

Her performance at the music festival was remarkable both in black history as she is reportedly the first black woman to headline Coachella since its inauguration in 1999; and in music as her performance was classified as the best performance ever held at Coachella in its 20 years, affirming her as the best entertainer alive. The impact that Beyoncé made was so great that the festival that year was named “Bey-chella” after her.