“James put’s it up, no good, rebound Bosh, he kicks it out to Allen…. BANG tied game with 5 seconds remaining’. What makes someone a clutch performer? Is it something your born with or something anyone can learn? Within the field sport the term ‘clutch’ is often used to define someone who rises to an occasion and effects any given game late on when it matters, to push themselves and or their team to win. This is commonly used term in all the major sports in the world such as Football, Golf, Rugby, but in this occasion the sport in question is Basketball.


My time at CFJ

In my third and final of study it became clear that I was not interested in pursuing a career in history, which offered the stereotypical career choices of a historian, teacher or librarian. Although, it was clear that I had an interest in current issues around the world. This ranged from politics to sport, with a particular interest in the ever-growing fight against the climate emergency. I began to think about pursuing a career in journalism and whether it suited me.

A blog about something that isn't COVID-19

Having had a quick browse through recent blog posts, there seems to be a recurring theme. Isolation and coronovirus. Well, isolation is hella boring and coronavirus sucks. That's about all I have to say on it. Instead, whoever is fortunate enough to read this can once again be taken on an enlightening journey through my experiences as a dangerously average university rugby player. Sorry.