Shorthand Champions League wk 6

After an administrative farce which has led to the director of the Shorthand Champions League being fired and an inquiry being demanded by fans across the world, the final league standings can be revealed.

Round One ended in a tooth-and-nail scrap for qualification which did not disappoint in drama.

There was heartache in week six for Shauntal, Matt and Daniel who all missed out on last-minute opportunities to progress.

The biggest shock came in Group F where Evie - who had sat comfortably in a qualification spot for weeks - was overturned by Melisande.

Timed reporting test for year 2

There will be a timed news writing test for Reporting and Writing II in the newsroom from 2pm to 3pm tomorrow.

The test includes a verbal statement at 100wpm which needs to be taken down so make sure you bring notepaper and a pen.

It is worth 20% of the final mark for the module.

Shorthand Champions League wk5

The group stages of the Shorthand Champions League reach their thrilling finale this morning.

Going into the final round of fixtures all eyes will be on Group E, where Thomas, Ile, Matt and Tom are involved in a four-way scrap for the two qualification places.

In Group D Andrew and Mirela have a showdown for second place, while in Group G two unbeaten performers - Evie and Alys - will meet each other knowing that defeat could mean elimination from the tournament. 


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