Hip-hop and R&B artist Beyoncé Knowles Carter has once again set unpreceded records by making history at the Coachella music and art festival.

Her performance at the music festival was remarkable both in black history as she is reportedly the first black woman to headline Coachella since its inauguration in 1999; and in music as her performance was classified as the best performance ever held at Coachella in its 20 years, affirming her as the best entertainer alive. The impact that Beyoncé made was so great that the festival that year was named “Bey-chella” after her.

Why is it considered as an historical event in music?

Concept behind her performance.

Beyoncé used the huge platform given to drive the world eyes to the black college and university experience (HBCU) aimed at the recognition and celebration of young black people’s creativity and talents. It is also a way to empower younger generation and give hope to all those that have been dismissed by something as superficial as looks. This may include clinical conditions, skin tone, body weight and so much more.  In her words: “The amount of swag is just limitless the things that these young people can do with their bodies and the music they can play it’s just gorgeous and it makes me proud.”


Within the performance and the documentary, she made out of it (“Homecoming”), lies her mission as a well established and recognised artist. Hints are given throughout the documentary but the quote from Nina Simone placed at the start of the documentary just summarises it all:

 “My job is to some how make them curious enough or persuade them to get more aware of themselves and where they came from and what they are into, and what is already there, and just to bring it out. This is what compels me to compel them. And I will do it by whatever means necessary.” (Nina, Simone).

The live marching Band.

The marching band at Beychella not only played every single song live was also part of the artist’s entire choreography enhancing the cohesion of the performance. The band played for 2 hours non-stop with breaks in where dancers, contortionist, and more.

Destiny’s child reunion.

Beychella could have never been complete without the intervention of Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for the nostalgic fans of destiny’s child. Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle performed their greatest hits including “Lose my breath” and “Soldier”.