ASAP Rocky and Rihanna have been the talk of the town for quite some time since the couple announced they were officially dating. They then expressed their joy when announcing their pregnancy. The couple have been seen taking photos and after the rapper dropped a significant clue in his recent music video, fans believe that the couple are already married - or at least engaged.

Courtesy to A$AP latest song, "D.M.B.," which is practically a tribute to Rihanna, Rocky and Rihanna have left us talking again already. This video includes A$AP proposing to Rih via grills that proclaim "Marry me," as well as some striking graphics. Rihanna's red-lipped smile then shows her own jewel grills with the words "I do" written on them.

Although it's A$AP's music video, we can all agree that the real star of the event is Rihanna. She - in Rocky words - can be describe as a "fashion killer". She is seen, in the music video, with a show-stopping ensemble that comprises a silk durag, a leather bustier, and matching slacks, topped off with a shearling-lined brown leather coat that skims the ankles. Whether the film is meant to be a preview of their future wedding or not, we can all agree that the pair outdid themselves in terms of flair.

Gold grillz and wedding bells